How long have you played music already?
I started shouting in 2007
What other Bands have you played with before GodSkill?
Ending Era, InsaneMachinery , Fading Mind and I am still shouting for Disordered
Which Bands have influenced you musically the most?
Agnostic Front, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Hatebreed, Devildriver, Motörhead
Which are your favourite records?
Bolt Thrower – Those once loyal; Vader – Necropolis; Cannibal Corpse – Butchered at birth; everything from Motörhead and Agnostic Front
For which Band was the first record that you bought yourself?
Motörhead – On parole
What is your function within GodSkill?
The brutal beast on the mic and an entertainer for the listeners. Writing lyrics and arranging songs, too.
Which equipment do you use for GodSkill?
Shure SM 58

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